who we are

posted on 11-24-2015

We are a growing group of physicians with working experience in East Africa and internationally. All of us have international degrees and many years of clinical experience. We understand the difficulties in accessing quality medical advice especially in remote areas, and we believe that mobile communication technology is providing a great opportunity to bridge this gap. Patients do not need to travel long distances to talk to a doctor and physicians do not need to sit in an office and wait for patients. So that doctors can focus on what doctors do best: Listening to you and your medical needs.

Of course we can not fix your broken leg over the phone. But we can advise you what to do and where to go – we all have a huge network of specialists domestically and internationally.

We use technology to give you better access to physicians. But not the technology is core and center of our service, it is the quality medical advice. What is driving us, is your medical concern. Wherever you are. We are available for you at your convenience. Not only by text message, not only by email, not only by phone. But by video call for a real face-to-face conversation.

How cool is that?